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Multidimensional Medicine & Healing


Learn how to heal with the plants & stones as your guides



to the depths of who you are.

the ancient secrets, whispering.

singing your magic through the ethers,

and into reality.

where have you been all my life?

You are here now, with me.

a simple calling to the natural realms,

of all of creation.

for you hold the keys within,

to bring light to the world.

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About Me


My name is AnnA Kyleah Star and I am a magical, mystical medicine oracle of the plants & stones, a visionary, and a mother.

One of my greatest gifts that I share with the world is my ability to talk to nature. I light up to share the messages I receive and to translate the languages of the natural world. As a Medicine Keeper, I have been making medicines really my whole life, and now teach others this sacred art of the intuitive & mystical medicine way. 

My journey has been one of learning how to heal myself, and then learning how to help activate these self-healing powers in others. I interact with these self-healing abilities as the crystalline codes of the natural intelligence system of the body and all of nature.


I care deeply about the earth and her future for the children and all the beings in existence. And I believe that when we awaken to the magic that is alive in the otherworld, the invisible realm of spirit and energy, we heal the earth. And that is my mission: earth healing for a future earth bright and vibrant with an abundance of life!

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Mystic Fern Medicinals

potent frequencies to awaken the mystical threads within you.

Get in touch with your true nature.

The earth needs your unique medicine. Your healing begins with you.

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