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 Moon Temple Initiation

a cycle of initiation into the mysteries of the moon
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~ Step into the Moon Temple ~

The Moon Temple is an Initiation into the frequency of the Moon and the frequency of you,

as a feminine embodied being. 

The changes, the phases, the cycling.

The embodiment, the wisdom, the intuitive powers.

The ways of the feminine, the magic of the feminine, coming back alive ~ on earth and within you.

a 28 day cycle in temple space for regenerating the power of the feminine creation essence
the Moon Temple Initiation is an online experience for women to be initiated into the mysteries of the moon.
There is so much magic in the moon. She holds the reflection of self. She holds the wisdom of the feminine. She holds the creation codes that feed the fertile ground.
The Moon herself is a Temple Space.
And her space has been overtaken and subdued. Just as the feminine essence has been overtaken and subdued.
But no longer. Together, women, we will reclaim the moon energies, the feminine essence, the magic of creative power.

My name is AnnA Kyleah Star * and I have journeyed with the Moon.

I am here, offering this Initiation Program to women, because I have been through the initiation myself.

The Moon has taken me under her wings and shown me her truth. And through the journey she took me on, I saw my truth. My truth as a feminine being, here to shift and change the ways of the world. To be more aligned with the feminine creation essence.

I have been communing with the moon intimately for decades. And through my psychic and astral travels have seen the stories she holds inside.

The stories she wants more women to know. And remember.

The Moon Temple is a space for women to heal, but it is more than that. The Moon Temple is a journey for women to go through, to bring the true feminine light of the moon back to the earth, for the earth to heal.
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Who is the Moon Temple for?

The Moon Temple is for women who desire to clear the distortions that have caused the all too common issues of self doubt, self-sabotage, and not trusting in your feminine magic or power.

There have been distortions in the feminine field emanating from the moon. And in the Moon Temple, we will shed light on these distortions and clear them from you, the initiate, and from the moon herself.

The feminine essence contains the magic of intuitive wisdom, psychic abilities, and sensual love. Through this initiatory cycle with the moon, you will be activated to the true reflection of the moon's gift of feminine frequency, allowing you to bring more of your powerful feminine essence to the earth.

Standing in your inner knowing, your wisdom, and your truth.

Reclaim the power of your Intuition, through your deepest connection with the Moon.

The Moon Temple Initiation is 28 days, a full Moon Cycle.

We begin with an Opening Ceremony to attune to the frequencies of the moon.

You will then have access to watch four pre-recorded videos that initiate you into the mysteries of the Moon.

Next Cycle begins November 13th.

You will be asked to join the Crystalline Temple Space and to create an account upon purchase. There are many wonderful free classes to enjoy once inside!

Want to have a deeper experience? Enroll in the Moon Temple Deluxe Package to receive personal clearing sessions and private support from me throughout your journey.
Are you already a member of my Crystalline Temple Community? If so, use this link to enroll in the Moon Temple.
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