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My name is AnnA Kyleah, and I am a mother, a mystic, a visionary and a tender of the earthen ways.

Over time I have grown into my place of home, in my own being, blossoming the gifts that the medicine in me offers to this wild & wonderful world.

I have secretly been an optimist since a young child, bursting with enthusiasm for what is possible to imagine and create here on earth. I remember the fairy lights of my Soul singing the sounds of the earth’s creation aeons ago, and I continue to fine tune my alignment to my true nature and original design.

I am an Oracle for the invisible realms, channeling the messages from the earth and the stars, the trees and the stones, the elementals and the dragons. To me, a channel is simply an open path to receive, and my path unexpectedly opened to share the sounds of wisdom from the otherworld.

From an early age I heard the plants speak, the stones vibrate with excitement to share their songs. And now, many years later, here I am opening the network to share more widely the knowledge I receive.

I am so very grateful for your presence here, and invite you to explore the many teachings and healing that I offer, in humble service to the earth.

Be well, grow strong and shine your bright colors to the world!

AnnA Kyleah

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