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My Medicine Story

I remember as a child, visiting the cauldron behind my house in my back yard. Stirring the potions of magical powers. The cauldron was a metal barrel my dad threw scraps from his woodworking shop. The rainwater filling with the sawdust, and the magic was my own enthusiasm, imagination and creativity.

To this day I still exude the same energy to my medicine making as I did when I was a child. Magic. Enthusiasm. Creativity. And a big ole' belief that we do have the power to change the world.

My Plant Journey


I grew up in the country of the North Carolina Piedmont, surrounded by the natural world. When I left my childhood home and moved to the Appalachian mountains, I began getting even more curious, a strong desire in me flickered to learn the names of all the wild plants and how to use them as food and medicine. I have been hands on working with plants in the wild and cultivated as medicine since my tender years of late teens and early twenties. 

When I first dove in to the immense world of plant healing, I began teaching myself how to identify the plants with guidebooks I found in local used bookstores. I would venture into the forest with my books and taught myself almost everything I know about the wild Appalachian plants. Next, I found a number of Euell Gibbons books, such as Stalking the Wild Asparagus, and furthered my learning through cooking and eating the many edible plants. But it was when I began studying the herbal healing wisdom of the plants and the body that my path opened up. During these precious years, when I was not overloaded with the responsibilities of children and land ownership, I would forage, harvest, and process every single herb I used. It wasn't until many years later that I even bought my first herb in a store! I even made herbal infusions, such as nettle and clover, daily and only drank the tea from plants I harvested myself. I remember these times with such fondness.

Once I became a mother, my herbal healing abilities really expanded. I treated every little ailment and symptom my children had with a variety of plants, and learned a lot along the way. 

For myself, I learned the plants slowly, one by one. Really taking each in and getting to know it. This is where I believe the magic of plant healing lies, in the intimate relationship that is formed between plant and healer. My plant medicine teachings center around the intuitive intelligence of nature that allows humans to communicate with the plant realm. I like to call my medicine methods the Mystical Medicine Way.

I encourage you to explore the plants in this way. Slowly, deeply, and intimately. With such care and tenderness and love.


My Stone Journey


As I mentioned above, I had a stone collection as a kid. This was my most prized 'possession.' Each stone I either found randomly in nature, or came from science museums that my Grandmother would take me and let me pick out a special gift from the gift shop. I loved my stones. I kept them in a box and would take them out and play with them and I thought of them as my friends (I still do!).

When I grew older and moved to Boone, NC for school, I began collecting more crystals from the many crystal stores and music festivals, and began rock hounding quartz crystals around Grandfather Mountain. I innately knew the stones that came to me. Like magic, I automatically had a sense of crystal healing and how to interact with the crystalline intelligence and frequencies.

When I was pregnant with my third child, Opal, I trained with Sarah Thomas in a variety of her Daoist Stone Medicine Programs. I learned how to make elixirs (medicines with the stones), and ancient Daoist Materia Medica of many stones. I infuse my teachings with a lot of this ancient stone wisdom, along with my own 'downloads' from the stones themselves. I am a nightly meditator, and every night will sit in bed with a crystal and receive information from it. 

I can excitedly say that now I have an entire cabinet filled with crystals and stones that I work with in my stone grids, elixirs I make for my family and clients, and in sessions, where I lay crystals on acupressure points on the body to clear, move and activate the energy body.


I am always learning and growing in my plant & stone wisdom, and forever will be :)


Work With Me


I offer healing sessions that weave together my herbal knowledge and energy healing skills. If you would like to schedule a session, you can do so here.

I also have an extensive Apothecary full of a variety of herbal tinctures. If there is ever something you need, feel free to contact me to see if I have it!

You can check out my Elixir Store to see if there is a flower or crystal essence or a plant tincture that is calling you.


Have fun with your journey & many blessings ~

AnnA Kyleah Star *

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