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Do you wish to feel free from narcissistic abuse?

Join me in this self-study online course to move you through a process of clearing the energetic templates of the narcissist/empath dynamic that keep you trapped from expressing your full magic as a deeply caring human.

In this class you will receive

Lessons on the

Narcissistic/Empath Template

Stone Medicine Teaching

Explore the power dynamics of the current earth overlay and how to release yourself from its trap and begin to feel free.

Work with two stones : Danburite & Serpentine to assist in the removal of the Narcissist/Empath Template

Ceremonies to Heal

Four Ceremonies to take you on a journey of energetic healing.

Healing into Your Magic after Abuse

Explore the Curriculum

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My Story

the wound is the place where the light comes in

I am AnnA Kyleah, a strong, confident, and magical being, here to spread my wisdom of earth healing, medicine making and communicating with nature.

I have not always been so strong, or confident. I actually have spent most of my life shy, quiet, hidden away, suffering from extreme low self-esteem.

Through a series of relationships that revealed to me the truths of the narcissistic/empath power play dynamic, I have learned quite a lot about how humans are functioning on earth due to an overlay of this power game. 

When my suffering hit rock bottom and I decided enough was enough, I dove deep into my healing, taking full responsibility for my own way out of the hole I felt I was in. Even though I had many helping me on the way, I knew that no one else could do it for me. I found ways of shifting my consciousness, releasing my victim consciousness, and stepped into believing in myself as a magical and valuable person.

With this power I now harness, I created this self-directed course, taking you on a journey with the serpent energies to clear and cleanse you, and in a greater way, the earth, of this template that thrives on the abuse of power. We all have power, but it is a choice in how we use it, or how we allow others to use it.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are feeling like you need extra support in this area. I have lived through it and am out the other side and have many tools and much wisdom to assist. Much Love ~ AnnA Kyleah

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