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Knotweed * Rhodochrosite  the ancient secrets within you


In the beginning, there was no thing, no light. Darkness hid it all. The Unconscious Mind of absolute obliterated existence. Crept into this darkness was an initiatory frequency spark that unlocked the stillness captivating the dark. The unlocking unleashed worlds to separate and collide, creating fissures and fusions, the dance of duality causing ripples and reactions. The light began to shine through. Knowledge of existing seeped into the separated entities, and consciousness was birthed.


Unlocked is an essence to bring light to the dark places within. Unlocking the inner knowledge held in your DNA. This is cellular work. Awakening the hidden secrets that you hold. This is shadow work. The descent in, to find the inner serpents of wisdom and power. Memories. Stories. Light Codes. Revelations. All it takes is a key to unlock the mysteries inside.


Knotweed is a plant of prolific abundance. Covering the landscape to rebuild the lost wildness of a terrain that has been overconsumed, overworked, drained of its magic and mystery and resources. Knotweed roots are strongly anti-viral, removing the 'knots' in the physical body, the energy body, as well as the mind. Knotweed is a master reprogrammer of the cells. Programming the wildness back in. Unlocking the natural abilities and wisdom within you, that have been hidden by the intentionally blocking inorganic substances. Knotweed is the key to open the portal doorways into your psyche for you to remember the deeply held knowledge of your Soul. Knotweed unknots the tangles, leaving space for desire to enter through the sacred door of time.


Rhodochrosite is a stone of the heartgate. Radiating shades of pink through the auric field. Rhodochrosite is also a stone of opening the cervical gates. Whether you have a cervix or not, this would be unlocking the root chakra, which opens you to true safety and security of earthly matter. Held in the cocoon of inner safety, you have the courage to turn the key to the doorways of your fears, and discover what is contained inside.


Unlock the rhythms of nature, unlock the scripts of your Soul's story, unlock the whispers of intuition, unlock the vision of your future path, unlock the dreamer within the dream, unlock the Original Codes of the Human Being.


Open doorways to inner knowledge and the unique mysteries of your existence.


Take in times of seeking, searching, desiring to know what lies in your soul. Take when you are ready to go deeper, and are in need of a little extra push to go further than before, and unlock the secrets of the Universe within.


1 oz. bottle of magic


$29.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
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