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Essence of Trillium grandiflorum, the Great White Trillium


Created in my backyard forest amoungst the beautiful snow white Trilliums.


This Trillium Essence is DEEP INNOCENCE.


The innocence of the pure original blueprint of the body, mind & spirit. 


The Trinity of the Father, Mother & Child. Bringing Innocence back to Creation. 


This essence assists in healing the wounds of the inner child from the relationship traumas of the mother & father, wounds of the soul from religious conditioning, and the wounds of generational trauma of stress and burden.


Reuniting with innocence, which is the pure codes of your creation. Who you are without all the baggage and bullshit. Your pure frequency of your energy signature.


Just You.


Made in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina with pure mountain spring water & the vibration of the Great White Trillium Flowers of the forest.

Trillium Flower Essence

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