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the Mystic Fern is the symbolic journey to joining the spiral of life. These six elixirs take you on a journey to awakening the life force essence lying dormant within you, and unearth your Original Blueprint, or Natural Design of the light body. The Underworld journey to discover the crystals inside of you *


The journey of life if mystifying, strange, obscure, cryptic, and incomprehensible. You will never have all of the answers to everything.


But, you can be along for the ride in this exploratory experience of life as a bodied human being.


The Mystic Fern Medicines take you deeper into the journey of yourself. Your Soul your Spirit, your inner connection to God, whatever it is that you name it, it is the mystical and esoteric parts of existence that when sought, lead to a deeper satisfaction that permeates everything you are and do and touch.


This journey is the Underworld journey to finding the light. The spiritual awakening experience that leads you on the path of getting to know yourself better, from within. The mirror of your earthly existence.


Included in the Mystical Fern set are :


UNLOCK : Knotweed & Rhodochrosite


PASSAGE : Nettle & Sapphire


ETHEREAL : Iris & Star Andara


SYNERGY : Black Cohosh & Ruby


HARMONICS : Maidenhair Fern & Emerald


MIRACLES : Magnolia & Blue Quartz Mist


These medicines were formulated with the dragons of the earth & cosmos to provide a reconnection to the power circuitry of the human being as a planetary steward. Each elixir activates a crystalline frequency of the dragon tribe beings. 


Includes : 1/2 oz bottles of each of the six essences




$144.00 Regular Price
$88.00Sale Price
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