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Maidenhair Fern * Emerald   the natural dance within


Relationship * Cooperation * Heart Wisdom * Maturity * Spiralic Timelines * Grounded Presence * Multidimensional * Green Dragon * Elven Kin


When the heart is open, one can hold the wide expanses of complexity, perplexity & nuance of the earth with grace and wonder, grateful for the intricacies in dynamic relationship.


Held within the cosmic heirarchy of creation is the harmonic dance of an energetic wellspring of aliveness. Everything has its place, everythings place is constanctly shifting and changing, all of life and death commune with the natural order of things. Which moves and dances through the transformative shape shifting of reality.


This vibrational essence of Maiden Hair Fern and Emerald takes you on a journey of breaking through the barriers of preconceived and conditioned authoritative heirarchy that relys on codependency, pyramid schemes, power over dynamics, and the unhealthy, toxic ways of competition and better than/lesser than mindset rather than cooperation and acceptance of mutual togetherness and harmony.


The Maiden Hair Fern breaks apart this unnatural heirarchy of power that leaves all of us drained and wanting for more. Her leaves teach us to surrender to the natural harmonics of the earth and the cosmos ~ submersed in the continuous dance of natural order. No thing is better or more valuable than any other thing. We all exist in the perfection of complexity and hold value in and of ourself. Everything is connected in this spiralic dance of harmonics. 


Emerald is the stone of green dragon magnificence. A stone of the heart, as well as immune strengthening with anti-viral properties, emerald strengthens the auric field of the heart space to allow an abundance of living, vital earth energy to flow through. The energies of the Green Dragon awakens, bringing medicine of the everlasting love that the earth has for you, and every single being that exists.


This essence is the elixir of spiritual maturity in the progression of awakening. When you begin to see and experience all life as unique and equally valuable, you appreciate the nuance of the world, the natural earth and cosmic order that is not a stagnant system of categorization or polarization, but an alchemical blend of prescious design. You begin to dance within the multitude of frequencies, knowing you play a special part, but that everyone else does as well.


Activates the spiralic timelines of earth wisdom & co-creative harmony.


Take in times of inner duress and stress, when something within you seems to be fighting against your lovely self. Or take when you want to feel the green spark of excitement for life and when you desire the green earth dragons assistance in your life.


1 oz bottle of magic ~


$29.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
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