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Whole Plant Tincture  of Evening Primrose, Oenothera lamarckiana : (leaf, stalk, flowers, buds, root, seeds) & flower essence.


This lovely medicine is a wonderful tonic for the nervous system, lungs and liver. Being a tonic herb, this tincture can be taken daily over weeks to months to adjust chronic ailments in the categories of adrenal fatigue, lingering cough or asthma, or a sluggish/unhealthy liver. Great for children too!


This particular medicine includes the tincture of the whole plant, from root to blossom to seed, as well as the flower essence. The flower essence contains the energy signature of the plant, lending a spiritual nature to this medicine. I find Evening Primrose flower essence essential in balancing the hormonal system, bringing health and vitality to the entire human body system, and healing the inner child.


You can watch my teaching on Evening Primrose here to see if it is a medicine for you.


2 oz bottle 

Evening Primrose Tincture & Essence

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