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the Inner Earth Temple School

a Magical and Mystical Plant & Stone Medicine Apprenticeship Program :  Begins May 9th!

The Inner Earth Temple School is an online apprenticeship program for women to learn how to create medicines with plants and stones in a way that brings healing both to you, your family and loved ones, and the earth.

Weaving together the knowledge and mystery of nature and spirit, students will be guided on a journey through a series of initiations into three different Realms of Deepening into the wisdom that lies within.

The purpose is to unearth the nature of yourself, the healing powers within the natural world, and the healing gifts that you came to this earth to enjoy and share. Your medicine gifts for the world.

Whether you are desiring to heal yourself, heal others, or simply be more in tune with nature, if you are a woman yearning for deep connection and soul remembering, this program is for you.
What you will learn & explore :
  • Making Herbal Medicines : learn how to craft and create potent medicines with the plants, the crystals, the elements, and the stars. ​​My Medicine teachings go beyond the simple actions of making medicines and into the realm of the magical and mystical. You will learn the basics of crafting medicines with the earth, as well as deepening your medicine wisdom in the vein of the Priestess Path of interacting with your medicines in an intuitive and spiritual way. You will learn how to identify, harvest, and process wild weeds, the process of creating medicine, how to listen intuitively to yourself and nature, and how to infuse your medicines with potency.

  • Communicating with Nature & the Invisible Realms : Nature has an intelligence and a communication system. The DNA of your cells hold the blueprint of this intelligence system, for you are nature and have the ability to communicate with the natural world. You will learn ways to be in exchange with the natural flow of energy between you and the earth.

  • Clearing your Cellular Clutter to be in your Natural Cellular Blueprint : Students will work with specific herbal protocols to clear the clutter out of the physical and emotional bodies and come into harmony with your natural state of being. This will prepare you for the deeper metaphysical work later int he training. Learn energy clearing techniques as well as practical physical healing techniques.

  • Reunite with the mythical earth realms : We will journey through the lands of the dragons, talk about the faeries and fae lineages, and tap into the deep inner earth veins of dormant energies to restore some of the lost wisdom of our mythical ancestors (who are very real, by the way!)

  • Stone Grids & Ceremony : Not only will students focus on healing themselves, we will extend the way we experience healing consciously in communion with the earth. Through crystal gridding, prayer, and ceremony, we will travel into the realms of earth healing, lovingly assisting the earth in this process.

  • Star Ancestors : Towards the end of the program, students will be ready to connect to their cosmic origins, the star constellations that live inside every one of us. We will be exploring some basics of astrology (in the sidereal way), and activating the light body through a series of rituals and studies, helping your natural gifts shine through to be seen.

the Experience :

We will meet in class on Zoom for two Tuesdays and in Ceremony one Sunday each month. Everything will be recorded for you to watch later if you cannot make it live. Classes will be an opportunity for me to share some deeper teachings and for you to ask questions. There will be activations throughout the class experience. You will receive rituals and practices to implement into your daily life to strengthen your skills. Ceremony will be a time of embodying the knowledge and transforming it into wisdom.

Class Days / Times : Two Tuesday 11:30am-1:30 pm est & one Sunday 4:00pm-6:00pm est every month


There will be an ongoing group discussion in a private Telegram group, giving us all the space to connect, share, and receive answers to questions that may arise.

The group dynamic is a big part of this program, and having me as a guide and a mentor. This allows students to go deep and to truly become familiar with the teachings in a way that leads to implementing the skills you are cultivating into your life. I want all students to feel seen and cared for.

the Curriculum

Chrysalis : realm one

May - July 2023


The first Realm is the Chrysalis. Here you are held within a space of healing, broken down into mush to release what is no longer benefiting you to rebuild yourself into the butterfly you wish to become. In Chrysalis, students will be led through a series of herbal protocols to clear the body (both physical and energetic) and restore the cells to their natural blueprint.

Inside the Chrysalis :

  • Month 1 : Remineralization & the Stones

    • learn about remineralizing the body and the important function of minerals​

    • Explore 'Soil Consciousness'

    • How to communicate with crystals and stones 

    • Conscious Composting & Healthy Living

  • Month 2 : Detox & the Etheric Nature of Plants

    • learn about detoxing the body, on a physical and emotional level​

    • learn how to make medicines with the plants

    • How to communicate with the Plant Kingdom

    • Playing with the elements for healing

  • Month 3 : Clearing & the Light of the Stars

    • learn how to clear the energy body and keep it clear​

    • Explore the magic of starlight in medicine making and how to receive in your cells

    • learn how to make crystal essences and flower essences

    • Light Language activations!

Origins : realm two

August - October 2023


The second realm is Origins, and will guide you into the inner earth. Origins is the Earth Realm, where students will learn how to listen to their inner voice and the inner earth to awaken to their navigational system. This is where we will feel the dragon energies and intertwine ourselves with the elementals. You will go on a journey to unearth your personal faerie lineage and reawaken to the magic within.

Inside Origins :

  • Dragon Energies : work the deep inner earth energies of the dragons. Reunite with your personal dragon.

  • ​Crystal Gridding for Ceremony & Earth Healing​

  • Work with the medicines of Maiden Hair Fern and Black Cohosh

  • Students will work with one plant and/or stone of their choosing to be their ally for the rest of the program

  • Remember Who You Are in the Earth Realm : exploration into ancestry and ancestral healing, especially in the dimensions of your magical Fae ancestry

  • Clearing Spaces : clearing & protecting your home and land

  • Altar Work & Earth Healing Ceremonies


​​Ceremony is a big part of the second realm, Origins. Students will be in a ceremonial process of discovering who they are and how they uniquely connect to the world of the mystical. The work students go through in the first realm to clean up and clear their cellular data pays off in the second realm to be in the flow of magic. 

Constellations : realm three

November 2023 - January 2024


The third realm is Constellations, where students will activate their light body in a way of their unique constellation of their soul. This work is done through an upleveling in medicine making and an exploration into the stars and the specific constellations that are resonant to each person. This realm is a step into your magnificent power. From a place of clarity and vibrancy.

Inside Constellations :

  • Cosmic Energies : How the stars influence the Earth & their relationship

  • The Constellations of the Light Body

  • Create Unique Medicines working with more advanced techniques

  • Remember Who You Are in the Cosmic Realm : connecting to your star ancestors

  • Awakening to your natural medicine gifts

  • learning to tune into others, preparation for client work

  • Clearing Others & Larger Entities : clearing family members, and working with greater expanses of energy work

  • Pendulums, Muscle Testing, Divination

  • Stepping into your earth mission work : getting clear on your purpose on earth

In Constellations we are focusing our attention on the larger world and our role in it. This is service work that is nourishing and provides for all, yourself included. This realm will be initiation into more subtle energies of spirit, learning techniques in energy healing. You do not need to be interested in being an energy healer to benefit form this training. The wisdom of energy hygiene and maintenance is normal human nature that has simply been lost amongst the clutter.

the Realm of rest & integration

February 2024

The final month, month 10, is the space out of time. It will be a month of more personal work with me to explore your next step in expressing yourself and your medicine in the world. We will have one-on-one sessions as well as a group experience to practice your embodiment of the material.

Fairy medicine woman.jpeg

The Mystical Medicine Way ~

The Mystical Medicine Way is the way of the Plant Priestess, the Crystal Oracle, the Healer of the Family.

The way of sitting with the earth, listening to her wisdom. The way of gathering the plants, singing to them of your gratitude. The way of feeling the hard stuff, and knowing how to soften the resistance and move beyond the edges.

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