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Before the endless ways our sexual essence has been manipulated, entrapped, blocked, controlled, and hurt ~

Was the Mother Essence.

The Mother Essence is pure source. The source of power.

In Source*eress, you go on a journey to tap into your source energy, which is sexual energy. This level of sorcery is inward. Exploring the power you hold as a feminine embodied being and how to work with the energetic anatomy of the body to heal old wounds and arrive at greater amounts of source energy.

When you are able to bring into your body greater amounts of source energy, your creativity awakens and flows ~ you feel more alive, more powerful, and more in tune. 

A Source*eress is in tune with the forces of nature within her ~

the beginning of
Source*eress : the Mother Essence

3 day intensive training : Jan. 9th / 10th / 11th + integration

In a deeply focused 3 day study, we will go deep together into the teachings of the feminine sexual essence, the energetics and spiritual hygiene of the Womb, the Cervix, and your connection to the Earth. 

DAY 1 : 1/9

11:00 - 1:30pm

Honoring Your Sexual Essence & Energetic Womb Hygiene

  • What is Sexual Essence, the energetics of the Womb & how to make space for your essence

  • Womb Health, herbs & interference of outside forces (entities & imprints)

  • Group Clearing Session to empty the Womb Space & Stone frequencies

Evening Recording * 

to be determined

DAY 2 : 1/10

11:00 - 1:30pm

the Cervix as a Gateway to the Galaxies

  • Connecting with your Cervix, energetics & invitation to Open

  • Cervical Trauma & Neglect

  • Group Activation Session to open the Cervical Portal & venture into the space beyond

Evening Recording * 

to be determined

DAY 3 : 1/11

11:00 - 1:30pm

Tapping into the Earth Source for Sexual Healing & Your Unique Essence

  • Earth and her sexual frequency

  • Digging in to find Source Power

  • Birthing your unique essence that expresses your natural creativity, the importance of feminine power and the future of earth

Evening Recording * 

to be determined



Integration Moments

We gather to talk, express, reflect, share & integrate the teachings and experiences of the 3 day training.

the Source*eress' Stone Medicine Kit

You will receive a very special Stone Medicine Kit to work with an Elestial Amethyst vibrational essence and an Obsidian Stone that we will use for energy clearing. The Amethyst used in the essence is an extra powerful crystal entity assisting us in this potent and much needed work on earth in clearing the distortions from our sexual essence and restoring the natural power. Upon enrollment I will need the best address to mail the stone kit to you.

the second phase

private one-on-one clearing session

schedule a private healing session with me to go deeper into the mother matrix of your womb and receive personalized guidance to assist you in your multidimensional healing

month long group container

engage, share & interact in a month long communal container to assist in processing, understanding and integrating the teachings and changes. This will be in Mighty Networks where all class materials and replays are available.

final integration

a final group integration session on february 13th to bring completion to the process

bonuses :

  • access to recordings of previous Sourcer*eress program

  • My extra special class : Kali & the Elementals ~ a channeled experience with Kali Ma and the power of the elements

Evening Primrose.png

All of this for only $279!

payment plans available

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